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Floor Projection

Floor Projection

Floor Projection

Interactive floor projection provide a unique combination of personal movement with digital marketing. Interactive software turns any floor into a unique, exciting and fun place full of action. Interacting is effortless and just that makes it fun. Floor-projection is done by multimediaprojectors. Two cameras with infraredflooters are capturing the movements of the players. This technique is being positioned above the playing area (ceiling suspension + traversesystem) For bigger playing areas multiple beamers are used, a basic system is dimensioned for a projection area of no more than abot 7 x 3 meters.

creates a full-body interaction experience.

  • An interactive floor projection differs mainly in the fact that multiple people can walk over and interact with the same floor space as opposed to single person interaction of regular interactive floors. A typical setup would only cover a part of the floor, ie. at a lift lobby, or right at the entrance door.
  • The light conditions in the room is one of the first things to consider, as the projection quality will be influenced by the surrounding enviroment. Right next to a window that has sun most of the day will not work. One can, however, control the light in the room by covering the windows with IR blocking film. You will notice no IR illuminators are needed. The reason for that is that 95% of lobby areas will have a lighting system already installed. They already emit IR in an evenly spread way. If the lobby does not have a lighting system, you can easily add an IR illuminator next to the camera.
  • The shininess of the floor is usually not a problem. It actually helps tracking in some situations. In short - the less shiny the floor, the better the result. But if the floor is semi-shiny – or reflective – this is not a problem. White floors are prefered as they give the best projection.
  • Depending on the setup of the room, this project will take 4-8 hours for on-site installation.

Interactive floor projection setup

Interactive floor projection setup explained

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